8 Reasons Teaching In China Will Boost Your CV

Dimitris Vlachos of Movinhand shows us how teaching in China can improve your career prospects.

If you're interested in teaching English in China, you may worry that it will put an unwanted “gap” in your resume. This is far from true. In reality, it's an exciting opportunity that carries many benefits.

If you’re wondering how a year spent in China can boost your CV, here are a few examples. 


reasons teaching english in china will boost your cv


Pick Up A Foreign Language 

If you have a foreign language on your resume, it’s valuable. If you have a foreign language on your resume, it proves you're a dedicated learner. This is a plus even if employers do not need a foreign language.

While it's unlikely you'll earn fluency, you will be able to pick up conversational skills. China is home to many great language classes where you can learn.


Understand How To Work Through A Language Barrier

When you live in China, you’ll learn how to work through a language barrier. The first time you deal with a language barrier, it’s easy to freeze up. Once you gain a little experience, you’ll become a pro at communicating with your hands. You can also use helpful tools to communicate with others. 

Employers may deal with non-English speakers, making your experience invaluable. You’ll easily gain the upper-hand on those who do not have this experience.


And The Nuances Of Cultural Sensitivity

Teaching in China provides a rare opportunity - living in a foreign country long-term. This experience is rare, and as a result, you’ll have learned the nuances of cultural sensitivity. 

Cultural sensitivity is especially important for those working in business.

According to Colorado Technical University, there are three critical factors for cultural sensitivity in the business sector: language and communication, etiquette, and negotiation. Teaching in China will prepare you for all three of these vital business skills.


Gaining International Work Experience Is Priceless

 When you place international work experience on your CV, it’s sure to get the employer’s attention. There are two big bonuses for having international experience on a CV. The first is the ability to adjust in a foreign environment. The second is that teaching abroad can work as an internship.

Internships work as entry level experience. Therefore, the more that you come to the interview table with, the better.


You’ll Become A Better Communicator 

Communication is a skill that employers salivate at. In fact, they enjoy communication skills so much, that according to the University of Kent, communication is the number one skill to have. Think about it, you’re in front of a classroom all day for an entire year. You’re going to develop amazing communication skills.


Additional Certifications With TESOL/TEFL

It’s impossible to be too qualified for a job. Thus, the more certifications that you have, the better your job prospects are. Even if a TEFL certificate is not a job requirement, it still shows value: a growth mindset. A growth mindset is an intrinsic motivation to improve yourself. Employers love this.


It’s Killer For Developing Leadership Skills

When you teach a classroom, you’re a leader. You direct the people in the class and create the lesson plans. The success of the class rests on your shoulders. This is key for developing leadership skills. If you’re interested in being a leader within a company, you'll often come back to the skills gained teaching.


The Ability To Get Outside Your Comfort Zone

If you live in a foreign country, you’re going to be outside your comfort zone. This is especially true if you teach in China. China has many exciting traditions, odd foods, and living conditions you’re not accustomed to. This may make you uncomfortable at first, but you’ll adapt and overcome.

reasons teaching in china will boost your cv


After your time teaching abroad, you're going to have a great CV.

You will develop key skills such as communication and the ability to lead. You will pick up a foreign language and you will even learn to adapt to uncomfortable situations.


Teaching English in China is a great way to enjoy a break from school. You'll have an exciting adventure, while simultaneously improving job prospects.


Dimitris works as a full stack marketer at Movinhand. Movinhand helps educators get the salary they deserve. We promote teachers around the world and get them the best possible offer within 10 days of signing up. 

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