Book a session

We know money doesn’t grow on trees, so we are committed to making this process as helpful and valuable to you as it can possibly be. We put in a lot of work reading the details of your programme of choice, double checking the guidelines, and demonstrating a perfect fit given your own profile and goals. If you feel stuck in the process and need tailored guidance and focused support, let’s work together! Here’s how:


Write the subject: Booking request


 Step 2: Make the payment.

We'll reply to your email and give you specific instructions on how to make the payment. At the moment, we accept payments through Western Union and direct bank transfers to a German, US, UK, or Australian account. Payments made with non-euro currencies will be converted based on current conversion rates.


  • 20 euros for a 30-minute to 1-hour call (Profile Assessment, Process Management, other related concerns)

  • 20 euros for one round of editing and feedback for a 1-page motivation letter; 30 euros for two pages (turnaround time: 1-2 weeks)

  • 20 euros for CV editing

We also offer two packages:

  • A motivation letter pack for 50 euros, which includes a consultation call as well as two rounds of motivation letter editing and feedback; This means that you can send us your edited version and we can take a last look at it before submission.

  • A full consultation pack for 60 euros, which includes a consultation call, two rounds of motivation letter edit and feedback, and CV editing

Step 3: We'll agree on a date and time.

Once the payment has cleared, we'll arrange the session by Skype or Google Hangout. One of us will be facilitating the session with you depending on your preferred language. Luana speaks Portuguese, Icy speaks Filipino, and either of us can facilitate the session in English. If you have paperwork-related concerns, it's best to talk to Luana for the Brazilian context and Icy for the Philippine process.

We might ask you to do some preliminary work prior to the session, like sending us your CV and filling out our workbooks. This will be decided on as we arrange the date and time of the session.


Looking forward to working with you And happy scholarship hunting!