Chic and Space-saving Ways To Add Greenery To Your Home

Having plants and flowers around the room can definitely affect your mood for the better. Since adding them to my list of home decor must-haves, I've felt like my place became twice as cozy! The pop of green also adds character to the minimal and clean design that I prefer.

However, having a small apartment space and being a perennial mover forces one to be particular with home decor. I know that as much as I'd want a full-on indoor garden, it's just not practical. So I vowed to stick with versatile pieces and make use of vertical space when incorporating greenery into our home. 

Here are four of my favorite pieces when adding plant decor. These decor ideas take up little to no space, are modernly chic, and are insanely easy to set up. 


chic low-maintenance plants to decorate your home


Glass Orb Planters

I originally bought glass orbs to add some character to our dominantly white living room walls. They were gorgeous with tea candles, but I realised they'll also look great with plants! 

So I decided to add a glass orb planter with some succulents that I bought off Tiger for 4 euros for a set of three, attached it to a fixed screw on our wall, and this is how it turned out:



I've also made a trip to the local plants store and absolutely fell in love with air plants! They're low-maintenance (and thrives on neglect!) as they only need to be sprayed with water every 15 days or so. Combining four or five in a glass orb would look lovely!



You'd be able to buy these glass orbs at your local home decor store or gift shop. Alternatively, you can also purchase them online through Amazon. All you'll need is to add jute twine and you can hang them off of a wall screw or from the ceiling.




Hanging vases

If you're into modern pieces, you'll definitely love these metallic hanging vases. Personally, I love how neutrals, greens, and metallics go together! They instantly make a space pleasing, modern, and chic. Plus, they won't take up as much space as a regular vase. 


Another great way of adding some greenery in your house is with air plants. 



Magnetic test tube vases

Spice up your kitchen by sticking them on your fridge and adding small buds or dried flowers for an instant botanical pick-me-upper. The fact that they're magnetic also means that setup is a breeze! 

These magnetic test tube vases are available on Botanika Studio's Etsy shop.

Photo courtesy of Botanika Studio

Photo courtesy of Botanika Studio


Botanical Art Prints

And who says only real plants count? I've always adored the leafy and grandiose monstera plant, but there's just not enough space in our 45-sq.m. rented apartment. I think hanging a botanical art print will be a great workaround.

You don't even need to frame them.. you can just stick them on the wall with quality washi tape (my favorite brand's MT!) for a minimal look.




For one-of-a-kind pieces, I absolutely love Jenny of @livingpattern's work (see picture below). Monsteras, ferns, saguaros, philodendrons, tillandsias... she's got you covered! Head out to her shop Living Pattern to check out her amazing artwork. You can also purchase it along with this hanger frame



There you have it. I hope you got some space-saving ideas on how to incorporate life and color into your home.

What are your favorite ways to decorate your place with greenery? I'd love to hear all about it in the comments section below. Happy decorating!





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